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There’s a new study out that is telling us that when women “find a bargain, a really good deal while shopping, it brings on the same euphoria as sexual arousal.”

Oh shut UP!

The study of over 8,000 horny spend-thrift credit card running UP shoppers finds that it’s not the shopping, it’s the thrill of the kill, the bargain-basement-good-deal-find that turns women on.

Can it be true?  Can shopping turn you on? 

Does the Mall make you…can we, dare we say it…Horn-e?

I don’t know, but…it may explain a few things.

  1. Why so many well dressed women have slovenly, ugly mates – they’re getting it at the store!
  2. Why America is in so much personal debt – some girls just can’t get enough, you know – shopomaniacs.
  3. Why there are 25 shoe stores in every mall.  Foot fetish?
  4. Why Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, Macy’s, Kohl’s, ad infinitum are full of single women. 

And it may explain the clouds of smoke outside of each store.  Who knows?

Whew...I'm exhausted!

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