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On this day, which is to many, Wordless Wednesday, I want to say “Thanks!” to the men and women of the US Armed Forces who are serving at home and abroad.

Merry Christmas

Many are particiapting in wars they may not understand, agree with, or support, but as loyal American Servicemen and Service Women, they continue to do their duty to their country.

Some will spend Christmas in a desert, protecting their comrades, fighting for what is right and just.  All will have a Christmas Day of Sacrifice away from family, home, the Christmas Tree and trimmings.  Presents will be late, cards may pass in the mail, and cranberries just might not grow where they are, but they serve any way.

So, to the few in Afghanistan, Iraq, and on bases around the world who actually do read my posts from time to time, and to the rest who don’t…

Thanks!  And have a Christmas that’s filled with Joy, Blessings, and Safety!

Merry Christmas to the Troops!

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