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Oscar Hammerstein would have been 115 today.

Oscar, Oscar!

On this Monday, when things can go wrong; traffic, work, hassles, co-workers you want to slap but can’t, think of some of the beautiful music this man brought us.

You may be in Oklahoma or lazing down Ol’ Man River listening for an Indian Love Call and you might find that people are Getting to Know You.  I’m going to think of My Favorite Things, look for Edelweiss, and hope that People Will Say We’re In Love.

You may not be able to Climb Every Mountain.  You may wonder Where’s The Mate for Me, or why you Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man

You could Whitstle A Happy Tune, sing Do Re Mi, say Hello Young Lovers, think Oh What A Beautiful Mornin’, or realize It’s a Scandal! It’s an Outrage!

You could realize there’s Nothing Like a Dame, or Wash That Man Right Out of Your Hair

Maybe you’ll have Happy Talk, or realize you’re Younger Than Springtime.

You might remember The Last Time I Saw Paris, A Lovely Night,  A Tunnel Of Love, or a Wonderful Guy.

You may come to the happy realization that You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Either way, listen to The Sound of Music, it could wind UP being Some Enchanted Evening.

Thanks Oscar, thanks very much!

Happy Monday!

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