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…Larry Flynt, that is.

While most historians are posting, writing, publishing, and talking about the War Between The States, porn king Larry Flynt is touting his new publication.

One Nation Under Sex.

The Book

According to Larry, all those stuffy historians have been keeping facts from us.

Covering UP the dirt.

And, as I’ve said before, “I don’t care who won the battle, I just want to know with whom they were sleeping on the way too it!”

The politically minded Flynt can usually be found digging through trash and finding titilating tidbits about those running for office in 2012.  He gave that a rest, and opened UP about the sex lives of the American Presidents and other important American historical figures!

Flynt had a lot to say.

“There’s been a lot left out of history books, and we wanted to be more inclusive,” Flynt tells The Daily Beast. “For 35 years I’ve been exposing corrupt politicians, and I wanted to know if our Founding Fathers had the same follies or not.”

Apparently, he’s found some things we might not know.

Just a few:

Ben Franklin helped save the American Revolution by seducing French women.

Dolley Madison slept around.

James Buchanan’s gay lover, Vice President Rufus King, was referred to as “Miss Nancy”, “Aunt Fancy”, and “Mrs. Buchanan” by President Andrew Jackson.  They lived together in the same house for 15 years, and this is a well accepted notion by most historians.  Buchanan was our only bachelor president.

According to Flynt, and many historians, Abe Lincoln liked to share beds with men (in wealthy homes where there were many beds to choose from).  He was notorious for his bawdy humor.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s lesbian affairs  helped her become a crusader for equal rights.

And last, but not least,  Bill Clinton is a less selfish lover than JFK ever was.

The smut peddler is a free speech champion, and has won before the Supreme Court…you’ll remember, they couldn’t define pornography.

Larry went on to add, “I’m the first person to defend a philandering president if he can still balance the budget, but I think discretion should play a part in it.”

I will have to admit that Larry Flynt using the word discretion is a tad unsettling.

Frankly, I can’t wait to read it!  So, Larry, if you read my blog, and you should, send me a copy…I’ll review it!  I already know I’ll love it.

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