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…of separation, isn’t only a good movie with Will Smith and Stockard Channing, it’s a true phenomenon.  And it can be quite shocking.

Tuesday, at “the place where I work”, a lady came in to sell a car.  

To keep her from being bored to death while I pulled the required reports, entered information into the computer, and got things ready, we – er, I chatted. 

During the course of the converstion, I found that we were both from the same area, Dayton, Ohio.

I mentioned that I’d worked at Ohio Bell back in the 1970s.

She told me that her mother had as well.

In the same building.

369 W 1st

In the same office!

And we knew each other.

Now, it had been 34 + years since we’d seen one another, but when her mother came in to pick her UP, we knew each other on sight.

I’m sure the boss was wondering why I was hugging a customer, and since I’m not a touchy-feely kinda guy, I’m sure he was really wondering!

But, it was neat, serendipitous, and slightly amazing.

We caught UP.  Talked about a few people, yeah, quite a few! And I think my transaction time may have taken a jump!

But, it was just such a wonderful thing.  I really don’t care.

I like the fact that even though we live on the great big rock, third from the sun, it’s still a small, small world, and not just at Disney!

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