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I don’t fly much any longer.  My job doesn’t require it, and frankly, back in the 80s and 90s,  I got burned out on it.  When Shelby was little, someone asked here where her daddy worked, and she said, “For Delta in New Jersey.”

I worked for AT&T, and my office was on Westshore Blvd.  – IN TAMPA!!

So, I guess I flew a lot.

Usually the flight to the lovely Newark International Airport was filled with “happy” travellers, snow-birds, grumpy, half sauced businessmen, and screaming babies.

And always, and I do mean ALWAYS, the screaming baby was, if not in my lap or the seat next to me, at the very least behind me.  (Note to reader:  My children have never flown with me.)

I always wondered if they had my picture under the counter at the check in and made sure the most collicy, stuffy nosed, large lunged brat sat next to me. 

Make it stop!

I used to hope for a ‘baby free’ flight.

It never happened.

It hasn’t hit the airlines yet, but one North Carolina restaurant has banned “screaming babies”.

The Old Salty Restaurant in Carolina Beach, NC has a sign that says, “Screaming Children WILL NOT Be Tolerated.”

Of course there are plenty of people UPset about it.  Some say it singles out children with disabilites.   I spent the last seven years in Special Education, and I don’t remember “screaming baby syndrome” in any of the literature I read.  But, who knows?  It may be out there.

Not surprisingly, the restaurant owners say, “Most parents have responded well.”  Brenda Armes, who owns the Old Salty, added, “It has brought in more customers than it has ever kept away.”

Sounds like the party line.

Now, when I was a kid, 1.) we didn’t go out to eat much, and 2.) I can’t imagine any of us crying for too long if mother was at the table. 

She didn’t put UP with much.

And when my kids were little, people actually walked over and complemented us on their behavior…I never knew if we were lucky, or they were just scared to death of me…either way, it worked!

This new trend is not just in NC.  One BAR, yes, I just said bar, has banned stollers.  I guess the patrons were tired of tripping over them.  Another bar in Brooklyn banned “children after 5 PM”!

Which causes me to ask, what are people doing in a bar with a children after 5 PM, and what are they doing in a bar with children in strollers?


Is every mom these days Britney Spears?

What, no seat belt?

But, restaurant patrons are tired of screaming babies.

I don't want to dine with either of them!

And restaurant patrons are powerful!

It’s obvious that people every where are tired of unruly and screaming children, and there are plenty of places children do not need to go in the first place, but banning kids from restaurants – really, North Carolina, what’s next?


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