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It’s been a weird week.  Two of my favorite people were all over the news.

First it was reported that Elizabeth Taylor was engaged to 49 year old businessman, Jason Winters.

Dame Elizabeth and Jason Winters

My first reaction, “Say it isn’t so!”

And thankfully it’s not.

The cynic in me said, “Here’s some loser going after all Liz’s money!”

Yes, I know, I’m jaded.  I’ve always felt that the sooner  you become jaded and bitter, the better off you’ll be.

But that maxim clouds things a bit.

Needless to say, at 78, and married eight times already, Liz needs the nuptiuals no-more.

It’s just unseemly.  As to Mr. Winters, Dame Elizabeth tweeted (yes, I follow her), “The rumors regarding my engagement simply aren’t true,”Jason is my manager and dearest friend. I love him with all my heart.”

Ok, so the “after her money” ship has sailed.  Mr. Winters manages several other Hollywood types as well, including Quentin Tarantino, Quincy Jones, and one of the Jackson sisters, probably Janet; really, how much money could LaToya have?

But, alas, Liz isn’t engaged, it was rumor.

Then the Dixie Carter story broke.

Dixie Carter died Sunday at the age of 70.

Dixie Carter

Born in McLemoresville, Tennessee, Dixie spent most of her “growing UP years” in Memphis.  She went to UT Knoxville and graduated from Memphis State (now The University of Memphis) with a degree in English. 

No surprise there, she had diction, grammar, and syntax rivaled only by the Queen.  Only, it was better, since it was graced with a Southern Steel Magnolia charm that made her much more endearing.

She was really good.  A good actress.  Best known for her role as Julia Sugarbaker in TV’s Designing Women, Dixie kicked butt weekly with a liberal bent.  Ironic yes, she was a staunch Republican and a conservative one at that.  She made a deal with Linda Bloodworth-Thomason so that everytime she had to deliver one of Linda’s “liberal messages” Dixie got to get her opposing point of view across one way or another.  Usually very subtly.  She was a pro.

Desiging Women was a terrific show, and some of the best television writing ever in my book.  I’m probably partial because it was set in Atlanta, was Southern, and was topical.   Three things I love.

Dixie, Delta, Annie, and Jean made us laugh, cry, moan, and wonder week after week for seven years.  But Dixie led the pack, and Dixie was the reason we watched.

We’re gonna’ miss her.  And that’s a fact!

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