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I find it a little hard to get excited about the UPcoming wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock.   Or as I like to call it, Royal Wedding II.  I’m sure it will be a little less, you know, kinda like Hangover II.

Prince Albert and Charlene

Let’s face it, they’re not Wills and Kate.

Oh, I’m happy for them, wish them the best and all that crap stuff, but seriously, he’s 53, she’s 33, December/May, he’s already got two kids from previous “relationships”, it’s just…well, it’s just D U L L!

Sadly, Prince Albert took after the male line of the Kelly side and didn’t get the dashing features of his father.  Grace was beautiful, but I’m guessin’ she’d make an ugly guy.

And, Monaco’s not the British Monarchy.  It’s a “sunny town for shady people” according to Frank Sinatra, and it’s full of scandal, and crooks.

Wait a minute…it’s getting more interesting.  The world’s smallest country is governed by a Constitutional Monarchy.  It’s changed hands over the years, but has one of the oldest ruling families.  The Monegasque ruling family, the Grimaldis,  are not royal highnesses, they are serene highnesses.  It’s kind of a step down from the rest of the Royals…Imperial, Royal, Serene. 

Monaco is known for gambling, as a tax haven, and where the rich and famous played in the 1950s and 1960s and before.  It’s still a popular place, and it will be packed this weekend for the wedding.  There are 8,000 people in Monaco, and at least that many are expected to join the natives for the party.

As to the shady stuff, some reports have trouble a-brewing.  Just days before the next big royal wedding, a rumor surfaced that the Rhodesian swimmer a.k.a ‘the bride to be’ had called it off.  L’Express magazine’s website posted a storystating that Charlene fled to the airport with a one way ticket home to South Africa.  Of course the government is denying all this.  According to the Palace, she’s no Runaway Bride. 

“Charlene Wittstock had learned a few hours earlier that the private life of the man she was about to marry, who publicly acknowledged in 2005 a child from an adulterous relationship, was not as exemplary as she had imagined,” can be found on the French magazine’s website.  Duh, he’s a spoiled playboy.  Shocker!!

Doesn’t she read the papers?

It’s a big deal for the Prince of Monaco to tie the knot.  With out an heir, the principality goes back to France.  Oh, there’s an heir, er heiress, right now, Princess Caroline and her children stand to inherit.

No one wants either of those to happen.

So, here’s wishing them luck in the baby-making department. 

I really do wish them the best, and I’m not being snarky just because I can’t afford to go to Monaco and play in the sun. 

I’m sure the bride will look beautiful, Estee Lauder, who’s birth anniversary day is today, said “Beauty is an attitude. There’s no secret. Why are all brides beautiful? Because on their wedding day they care about how they look.”  Let’s hope she does!  And let’s hope she comes back!

And after all, Mother always said, “Pretty is as pretty does.”

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