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Road Trip!

I’m on one!

I’ll be blogging about my adventures for the next week.

And today, May 29 is the anniversary of one of my favorite historic events.

The Restoration of the British Monarchy after the Cromwell Disaster.

King Charles II was restored to the throne of Great Britain after over six years of Commonwealth and Protectorate Rule.

Chuck II

When Charles became King, he forgave most who had “rebelled” with the exception of those who were in on the trial and execution of his father, King Charles I.  They were hanged, drawn and quartered.  (Google it, it ain’t pretty.)

Charles also restored fun to England – maybe a bit too much.  The theaters were reopened and the bawdy ‘Restoration Comedy” became a recognizable genre of theater.  Women were allowed to perform on stage for the first time as well. 

Puritanism lost its momentum.  Things got a little crazy for a while!

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