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…is a really neat Facebook page started by Mike Motley, whom I do not know.  I think he was “after my time”.

At any rate, it’s a great idea, and has brought back many memories from nearly a thousand people. 

Keep in mind, there are fewer than 5,000 people in the tiny burg of Germantown, and many of the people who are members of the group have, like me, moved away.

The Covered Bridge in Germantown

It’s a great idea, and has brought back things I’d forgotten, things I never knew, and things I’m not so sure about. 

The Fish!

It’s also allowed me to pimp my blog out!

Shameless self-promotion, why not? 

The ‘other’ famous blogger from Germantown is a member and has commented!

Emily Burns Berry

People have posted about cars, houses, building, stores, things we had to do, places we went, the fun we had, people we’ve lost, and teachers we both loved and hated.

Yes, I had one!

It’s allowed me to find people I’ve been looking for on FB, make new friends, catch UP with kids my mom kept, and remember the fun we had in the sleepy, self-absorbed, SAFE little town we all loved as kids. 

We’ve talked about the Dam!

Crazy man running UP the Germantown Dam Steps!

Camp Miami and it’s demise!

Camp Miami Then

Hanging out on the Library Corner…before it became illegal!

The way we weren't!

Most of the memories are happy memories, and I like those the best.

Germantown is probably no different than anyother small Ohio town, but it seems to be special to me.  There are things about it I love, and things about it that…well…I don’t like so much.  But, focusing on the good, remembering the fun, and catching UP with old friends helps to keep Germantown special.

So, thanks Mike Motley, whomever you are, for the fun!

And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the best post ever on Facebook!  It came from someone I do not know.  It simply said, “Does anyone remember my Senior year, because I don’t!”

Well, that’s Germantown!  And, afterall, “you’re always 17 in your hometown!”

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