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I really hate Regis Philbin.

I mean, really, really, really, hate him.

It’s all his fault!

If it wasn’t for him and that AWFUL “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” we would never have been subjected to the scary, snake and snail eating, exhibitionistic, back-stabbing  Tribes of  “Survivor”.

It Sucks!

And what about those briefcases over on  “Deal Or No Deal?  Can someone PLEEEEEEEEEEASE tell me how Howie Mandel got his own TV show

Badly Bald

and I did not? 

Beautifully Bald!

I mean, really people, c’mon.

And who thought 25 golddiggers vying for the for the five carat Harry Winston heart of an over tanned (and that’s a lot coming from me) over pumped, over self aggrandized “batchelor” (or vice versa) would be a hit? 

Really, Melissa may have gotten her heart broken, but at least she did get to go on a REAL TV show.

Then there is “The Biggest Loser”.  Excuse me, but 400 pound has beens have their own TV show…what’s happening in Hollywood?

Joan Rivers and Donald Trump; haven’t we seen enough of them?

And Jon and Hate Kate Plus Eight, haven’t we seen enough of her them?

And what about Dr. Drew?  Heidi Fliess, bad girl, bad face lift, bad language, bad drug habit.

Who needs it?

Sometimes I long for Miss Kitty, we all knew she was a hooker, but Matt loved her anyway. 

Well, Howdy Madam!

And what about the Cartwright boys?


Where are shows like that?

I could go on, but I have to set my TiVo for real shows.

I just hate it when “American Idol” comes on at the same time as “Dancing With The Stars”

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