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My sister-in-law, Diane, mother of Jenny and Aunt of Emily over at MomminitUP, will simply look at some folks and say, “Raised by wolves.”

She’s so right.

So many people raised by wolves, so few bullets!

Yes, Emily, I know it’s really “Reared by wolves.”, but it just isn’t a emphatic.

I’ve noticed a few lately.

The afore posted cell phone talker at the doctor’s office…Raised by wolves!

Every man at the gym who A. can’t flush, and B. can’t aim…Raised by wolves!

The young woman on the MARTA train who unwrapped her gum and tossed the wrapper on the floor…Raised by wolves!

The lady behind me at the movies who actually answered her cell phone during the movie…Raised by wolves!

Congress…Raised by wolves!

Romulus and Remus…Raised by wolves!

Romulus and Remus

Lindsay Lohan…Raised by wolves!

The guy who “banged a left” as soon as the light turned green (with no turn arrow)…Raised by wolves!

And the guy at the Waffle House who called the waitress a bitch…Raised by wolves!

Where’s The Department of Family Services these days?

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