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Oh, Crap!

Associated Press recently reported that there are dangerous levels of cadmium – a known carcinogen which can slow brain development in young children (aren’t all children young?), have been found in children’s jewelry.

Where’s this crap coming from?

Where else, China.

Wal Mart, Claire’s, and Dollar N More are carrying the stuff, or at least were.

Supposedly, it’s been pulled.

“What is it?”, you ask.



That’s right, Disney, China, and Wal Mart are killing our children.

This must be stopped!

Let’s all run over there right now, protest like crazy, and get on TV!

Ashland University Chemistry chairman Dr. Jeffrey Weidenhamer tested 103 pieces of children’s jewelry and found a whopping 12% toxic.

AP quotes him, “There’s recent research indicating exposure to cadmium can cause learning disabilities or permanent loss of IQ.

He worries that “Kids wearing the jewelry can be exposed to the cadmium through sucking or biting the jewelry.”

Isn’t little Johnny dumb enough already?

So, just how does such a scary, destructive, retarding, agent wind up in your kids jewelry box?

Well, glad you asked!

Apparently, due to a loophole in the law, cadmium is banned in painted toys but not in jewelry.  (I’m guessing it was cut out in committee by some sneaky cheap jewelry company heir, or maybe some secret mole from a crap jewelry producing country…you can’t be too careful ya’ know!)

So, to cut to the chase,  the sale of cadmium-rich jewelry is legal.

Response to the report has been speedy.

Wal Mart moved with lightning speed to remove the stuff.  Claire’s did too.  I don’t know about Dollar N More, cause we don’t have there here.

State and federal “watch dawg” groups are snoopin’ around and askin’ questions. 

And the US Consumer Product Safety Commission sent a tape to Hong Kong to ask manufacturers to steer clear of using cadmium, antimony or barium in place of lead in children’s products.  They had Inez Tenenbaum, the chairwoman, make the tape.


That’s Inez on the left, she’s with Wang Xin, he does cars, not toys and such.

She looks like a nice enough lady, who probably has grandchildren she doesn’t want suckin up cadmium, and I’m sure she’s doin’ the best she can.

Oddly enough, toy manufacturers have turned to cadmium as a lead substitute.


Congress already banned lead in toys in 2008 since it can “cause cancer, kidneys that leak vital protein, and bones to spontaneously snap.”


So, what does mommy (and or daddy) do?

I’m sure you’re already running to to jewelry and toy box, so, I’ll stop now.

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