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The rich are rethinking their priorities since we’re in a recession and all.  And throwing money around is just so…”pre-recession”.

Hmmm.  So money does talk.

And it’s telling some of them to stop spending.

35% of the wealthy are concerned that their children are too spoiled by money and have too many material possessions.

Well, DUH!

Aren’t most of us a little spoiled?

I know I am.

But the rich have “finally” come to their senses, realizing that money doesn’t buy happiness, and a $100 million trust fund doesn’t buy as much as it used to.

With Madoff Madness, Bush Bailouts, Car Company Crashes, and Obama Optimization, I guess times are hard for every one…

…yes, even Daddy Warbucks!


It seems that all the blue bloods are curbing their spending.

They have decided that their children don’t need all the material possessions that we all crave and covet.

What does this mean for rest of us?

Possibly, new products that entertain  as well as help.

Fewer donations to Charity?

Apparently not on that one…a good sign.

In some cases, it means less work for the service industry.

Afterall, some folks have fired the nanny and even learned their own childnren’s names.

And it means simply that people who should have known all along, now realize that “things” aren’t the things that bring happiness.

 Some are even suffering from  “Luxury Shame”!

Luxury Shame is best exampled by a rich fat cat sitting in front of another rich fat cat who is a congressman and explaining his $20 million bonus. 

Fortunately, the congressman gets to ask the questions, not answer them.

And Luxury Shame is causing sales to drop at high end car dealerships, Neiman Marcus, Saks, and other pricy places to purchase pleasures.

But, what about the rest of us.

Here I go again, assuming that my readers are normal regular working stiffs like me!!  But, most of us are simply that, working class people who try to do the best we can with what we have.

Most of us realize that even though the BMW, Bulgari, and Beach House on Biscayne Bay would be nice, it’s not what’s doing it for us.

Or anyone else for that matter.

“Things” like faith, family, home, health, and happiness are what matter.

The rest, they just make life more complicated.

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