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I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that the “Touchdown Jesus” or “Butter Jesus” or “Giant Jesus”  or “Swamp Jesus” or “Super Jesus” in Monroe, Ohio (home of Andrea of Mommy Snacks fame and a faithful reader) has burst into flames after a …

wait for it…



Click here to see the fire.

And after the clash!


I would guess that before today, not so many people as do now even knew about the 62″ tall and 42″ wide statue in front of the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio.

It sits along Interstate 75, and has been a traffic distraction of which Jesus (the real one) Himself would not approve.  Seen by millions of travelers and commuters each year, the statue is was eye-popping, and on one’s first encounter with it, a near fatality!

It was designed by Brad Coriel, sculpted by James Lynch, and assembled by Mark Mitten.  Styrofoam (great!) coverd by a thin skin of fiberglass (great again), was molded the the metal frame which is all that is left standing.  It was completed in 2004 and cost $250,000.

Here’s a tip, Solid Rock, do NOT call me for donations – EVER!

There were headlines and news stories galore on Tuesday, and I’m sure they will continue until something really serious comes along. 

My favorite is from the LA Times: “President Obama to visit Ohio; 62-foot statue of Jesus explodes

Really, the LA Times!  C’mon!  What do those two have in common?

Not to get preachy, but, oh heck, why not get preachy?  It’s my blog.

Feed the Poor.

Help the needy.

Tell people about the Grace of God.

Love thy Neighbor.

Don’t steal.

Thou shalt make no graven images of anything on earth or in Heaven.

OH MY COW, where did that come from?

Yes, it was quite a day, overslept, flat tire, dentist appointment, and Jesus Burst into Flames! 

And we thought Monday’s were bad!

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