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School starts next week, and I’m not going back.

Brookwood Broncos

I’ve taken full-time employment with the national chain of car dealerships for which I’ve been working part time for seven years.

Yes, I had two jobs. 

Now, I have one.

And yes, I love cars!

It wasn’t an easy decision, but it is the right one. 

I did the math, and the one position made more sense.

It was agonizing.  Seriously, I tend to over-think things.  (I’ll pause now for the riotous laughter to die down.)  And I tend to take things to heart.  (Again, slight pause.)

I’ve fallen into every job I’ve ever had in my life and the two that I actually “went for”, I didn’t get.  I suppose there was a plan, and I eventually decided to go with the flow.

I hated High School when I was a student.  I loved it when I was helping kids learn, and helping other faculty members get information and copies and things that they needed.

I’ve made so many friends at school, they are hard to leave behind. 

I started subbing in 2002, my first job was at Brookwood High School, where my daughter was a Senior.  I subbed there 88% of the school year, and at the end of the year, I was offered a job as a helper to one student.  It was a great gig, and he was a great kid.  It allowed me to be at school while my own son was there and make sure every thing was OK.

I’m sure he looooooooooooooved having me there!

And, since I started as a Freshman and went all four years with my “charge”, I had the gift of going through HS for a second time.  Donovan, my son,  and I were true Georgians Rednecks in that we rode to school together because we really were in the same grade.  (Thank you Jeff Foxworthy for coming UP with that one!) 

I learned so much in that seven years, it amazes me.  The Great Gatsby is actually a great book, so is A Separate Peace, and science can be interesting!  History and Language Arts of course still rule, and math sucks, but even that can have a moment of Zen.

I realized, actually verbalized, that I love learning.

High School was better the second time around.  Much better.

After the boys graduated, I was offered another position.  One I loved, relished, and frankly, excelled at.  I worked in Special Ed as a stellar substitute for that department.  It was an awesome job, and I was there every day.  I had a great boss, worked with and for great people, felt like I learned a great deal, and really felt like I added value.

That’s a goal in my life, if I’m there, I NEED to add value.

Sadly, the county board made some changes, and I was “voted off the island” in the fall of 2009.  I was displaced to another school.  I didn’t want to go, and I decided to resign.  But, our Principal, Ms. Dees, put me at the top(ish) of the sub list, and I was called back nearly every day. 

But, it wasn’t the same.

Many, many people there never knew that I was displaced, they thought it was status quo, and that I’d just opened my field to all classes. 

But, I knew.

Most of those who did know never treated me any differently.

I’m going to miss the first day of school, the pep rallys, the kids, the dress code violations, the Halloween contest, the birthday lunches, the ice cream days, the wonderful ladies in the lunch room, and most of all, my friends.  The Special Ed Department, the 9th grade office, the counseling office, the CBE/Business gang, and the wonderful ladies and gents of Language Arts, welcomed me every day, listened to my ramblings, and most importantly, READ MY BLOG!

And as I move forward to the new full-time venture at the car-dealership, there will be a place in my heart, no, a piece of my heart missing.  However, I plan on enjoying the new job  to the Max, making the most of it, and doing things the way they should be.  And in these times, I appreciate the opportunity.

I’ll have to buy tickets to the games now, the plays, and the dance show. 

But I’ll be there as often as I can, and I’m forever a Bronco.

Thanks, Brookwood for seven (the number of perfection) wonderful years!

I’ll always remember you, and how could you forget this?

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