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I suppose by now, the First Ladies of the land realize when they move into the White House that what they wear, say, do, decorate, and eat are gonna’ catch on.

I also suppose that back in the 50s, when Mamie Dowd Eisenhower moved into 1600 PA AV, she probably didn’t.

But, Mamie loved PINK, and pink it was.


Lipstick, clothes, hats, shoes, and even a car were all inspired by The General’s Lady.

Dodge La Femme

That’s right, the Dodge La Femme was pink on pink with pink tapestry interior, and even came with a set of luggage!

Jackie Kennedy, later to be known as Jackie-O brought the pill box hat and Oleg Cassini creations with her. 

Hat hair!

Left in their wake was hat hair and a few POed American Designers…but she made UP for it.

Nancy Reagan brought us red and anorexia.

Anorexia and Red

Hillary the Head Band.

Work it Hil

And Michele Obama…

Pumping Iron

…seriously worked out arms.

These are for the most part, good things…with the exception of the anorexia and hat hair.

But, there are political phasion phaux pas a plenty.

Take poor Japanese Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama for example.  He showed UP at a picnic in this shirt…

Bon Jovi wants his shirt back.

…and his ratings have dropped nine, count em, nine points.

Why?  His 20 year old wardrobe tells the Japanese people “he’s behind the times and not forward thinking.”.

It’s a shirt people, maybe the guy’s frugal.

Back to Hillary for a second.

Say no to the Pantsuit.

Her pant suits were less well received than her head bands.  And frankly, during her time, with all she had to deal with (you know, Bill, Paula, Monica, Stand by your man and all), couldn’t everyone cut her a break about her lack of style?  But, alas, no.  Tim Gunn from Project Runway and other shows said, “she seems to be confused as to what her gender is.” 

Hello pot, meet kettle!

It may be out of the ordinary for Hatoyama to take flack over a phasion phaux pas – because he makes them all the time and people say little – but this one is hurting him.  And many of our own political leaders have been the target of phasion phonies everywhere.

Just a few…

Jimmy Carter tried the pholksy look with a Mr. Rogers Cardigan and scared the US to death!

Mr. President or Mr. Rogers?

Completely set on losing the election, Michael Dukakis pulled this stunt.

Nice Hat!

He was trying to make a political statement that he was ready to lead, and it back-phired!

And our current leader, President Barack Obama, took heat for the Mom Jeans he wore when throwing out the phrist pitch!

Mom Jeans

Phrankly, relaxed-phit is a good thing…and if they had been skinny jeans…well, we’d still be hearing about it.

 And even some of our phoes take the heat too.

The communist dictator of North Korea has, Kim Jong-il gets crap about his Elvis shades all the time…no one ever mentions that ridiculous haircut!

Elvis wants his glasses back.

Even though we want our world leaders to look nice, I think doing a good job is probably a top priority!

And coming from someone as phashion phocused as I am…that’s a lot!

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