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Oops!  Some companies may want to rethink all their down-sizing.

Seems a secretary, and from the sounds of things a pretty well respected one, and a seemingly executive secretary at that, was “so busy preparing for a board meeting”, that she failed to notify the boss of a court date.

That mistake…cost Pepsi Cola $1.26 BILLION dollars.  That’s a dollar for every person in China.  Please don’t line up folks, I’m guessin’ this one is gonna get whittled down.  I am sure the lawyers are foaming at the mouth and thumbing through yacht flyers. 

I wouldn’t place that order right away boys!  It’s a silly judgement, and surely to be overturned…at least if you believe what goes on on “Drop Dead Diva”, “LA Law”, and “The Practice”.  And we all know they are true!

Just think what would have happened if that poor lady wasn’t so over worked!

I wonder, was her support team let go, displaced, laid off?

Companies are cutting back on staff, which isn’t always smart.  Some are doing the smart thing and reducing waste in their businesses. 

Waste and cost aren’t necessarily the same thing.  Waste is using two of something when one will do the trick.  Cost is what the second thing actually cost the company in dollars. 

For Pepsi, the cost of this situation was $1.26 BILLION! 

The waste, well, who knows.

Oddly enough, the lawsuit is all about “bottled water”.  Which some may think is waste.  Apparently Pepsi was accused of glomming onto the idea of bottled water and coming up with Aquafina.  Two men in Wisconsin say the bottled water idea was their idea about 20 years ago.   Since Pepsi didn’t make it to court, the law of the land said the judgement automatically went to the bottled water boys. (Due to the fact the my Grandmother kept a Glass Pitcher of Water on the table at all times, I frankly feel it was her idea, and as her heir, I should get my share!)

Court documents filed since the decision say that Pepsi was “improperly served” (what did they do, leave the ice out?) with the lawsuit and that the statute of limitations is long passed.   Apparently getting paperwork from Wisconsinn to North Carolina took too long.  What were they using,  a Twenty Mule Team?  Pepsi is headquartered in The Tarheel State, while the BWBs (bottled water boys) are Badgers all the way. 

Pepsi says there was a “defect” along they way.  Really, a defect in our justice system…surely you’re joking.  One of the Pepsi guys says the entire lawsuit is “dubious”.   And if you read the news reports on it, it’s all a bunch of mumbo jumbo, which is my way of saying the entire mess is dubious.  Pepsi, the BWBs, the court, the poor secretary, everyone’s at fault. 

And there was a lot of waste in the scenario.

The secretary failed to send the first court document to the right place, because she was over worked.  Waste.  After she got the plaintiff’s motion for a default judgement on October 5, she shot that puppy up to her gal pal Yvonne Mazza, a “legal assistant for Aquafina matters”.  There’s a job description I wanna’ read!  And of course, Madame Secretary remembered that she had that other pesky courty document, and maybe Yvonne would like to see that too…so, away it went. 

Yvonne, who apparently still has her assistant to the assistant gave the documents to Dave, who’s a department attorney, and he “immediately” got on the horn to all the right people to get a copy fo the complaint (for the default thingy).

All the parties concerned were represented in court back in July, but apparently with Madame Secretary’s ‘overworkload’ and Yvonne not getting things quickly enough, well, the “fan blades got a little messy”.  (Trying to keep this family friendly.)  One of the big boys at Pepsi, a guy named Jacuzzi, (I sooooo wanna go there, but it’s just not nice to rag on folks’ names)  said, “It’s just another unfortunate thing that didn’t come together.”  Ya think?

So Pepsi wants to dismiss the case.  Shock-ING! 

And now back to the statute of limitations, “Hot Tub Man” (sorry, couldn’t resist) and the boys at Pepsi said the 15 year old case is tackier than an 80’s RC Cola.  They think since they had this poor woman who “erred” and  whom I’m sure is afraid to leave the office and can’t look anyone in the eye , they should have another chance to chat up the judge and get things fixed.

Well, it’s turning into a pretty fizzy situation.

And $1.26 BILLION is nothing to sneeze Pepsi out your nose at.

Afterall, waste like this is usually passed on to the consumer.  And that’s a lot of Pepsi to sell.

Gotta run, my Diet Coke’s empty!



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