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That’s French for ‘no farting’.

Ever wonder why flatulence is so funny?  Well, at least it is in the movies and on TV, but in real life…no so much.

Everyone has it. Most people think they have too much of it.  And passing gas in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause great embarrassment.

The Real Culprit

Peter Griffin of “Family Guy” is the present day king of TV farting.  And we all laugh every time.

The average person produces 1.3 pints of gas a day and passes gas an average of 14 times in a 24 hour period.

Of course, it’s not life-threatening, well, unless you’re in church and your Mother’s within in reach of a hymnal – but because of the social embarrasment, many people seek help from their doctor about it.

Some folks just blame it on the dog.

Don't Look At ME

Or one of the kids.

Thanks a pantload

And speaking of kids, moms every where berate their little boys when it happens. 

C’mon, you know you’re laughing inside as hard as the kid is, lighten UP!

Some causes may include swallowed air (you’re not eating right in this case), the breakdown of undigested foods, lactase deficiency which  results in a decreased ability to digest lactose, and of course certain medications and foods are major suppliers as well. 

But, it’s still funny.  And we laugh everytime. 

Harold and Kumar, Hot Rod, and thousands of other films and TV shows play to the cheap side of us and use “bathroom” humor to get that laugh.

And as long as it’s not US, it’s funny.

It kinda reminds me of the time when the Avon lady got on the elevator after an enormous Mexican Buffet.  She was loathe to do it, but couldn’t help herself and just before the door opened on the 3rd floor, she let one rip that was akin to all those Weapons of Mass Destruction we’re still looking for in Iraqnam.  Yes, it was SBD – Silent But Deadly.

Fortunately, she had a can of Handy Dandy Avon Pine Scented Air-freshener in her bag.  Emptying it hurriedly, she dropped it back into the bag seconds before the door opened and a well dressed businessman stepped on.

He began discretely sniffing. 

He asked, “What’s that smell?’

She replied, “I don’t know, what’s it smell like?”

“Well”, he said, “I smells like somebody crapped a Christmas Tree in here!”

Just a thought!

And like Grandpa used to say, “If they won’t pay the rent, ya gotta kick ’em out!”

Enjoy the video.

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