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Meet my friend Kathy!

College Professor or Coed?

She retired shortly after school ended this past May.

It was a surprise, there was no party, no going away, and no good-byes.

But she fixed that.  More on that in a minute.

Kathy is a good friend.  We were the first two in our department at school each day.  I was usually the first; I was in charge of the coffee.

Being in charge of the coffee makes one a pretty important guy, and I took that part of my job seriously.

Kathy usually came down the hall just moments after I started the first pot of the day.

She’s not a coffee drinker.  I frankly, don’t get that, but I’ve heard there are people out there who don’t imbibe, and I’m willing to accept it, as wrong as it is.

She’s a water drinker – NO!, a tennis player – NO!, a runner – Never!, which explains the slight frame that made every one else at school jealous.

She reads my blog, she pimps my blog, she even hands out my business cards…like I said, she’s a good friend.

And the girl knows how to throw a party.  To celebrate her retirement and her new job as an Assistant Professor at two local colleges, she held a Mexican Fiesta Saturday evening.

It was great, there was good food…

Fajita Bar

…catered by Frontera Mexican Grill.

There were beverages…wine coolers…

Wine Cooler

water, and Cokes, or pop for all my Northern readers.

Coca Cola

And, there was music.

One Man Band

Flamenco music to be exact.

It was very fitting, and very, very good.

His name is Rouzbeh.  It doesn’t sound Spanish.  That’s because he isn’t.  He’s from Iran and works at Mercer University, one of the two Universities where Kathy teaches.  (The other is Oglethorpe University.  Mercer and Oglethorpe are old Georgia names…Oglethorpe was the founder of Georgia, and Johnny Mercer wrote “Moon River”.)

He’s great and made the party more festive.  You can book him too.  Just hit www.rguitar.net.  And you can get his CD!

It was fun to be with friends whom I don’t get to see often, and meet new people;  some of the neighbors were there.  The food was good, the music was great. 

The only problem was when all the ladies wanted to take a picture with the “sexy guy”, they were talking about the singer and not me!  OK, now that I just don’t get!

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