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…44 years ago, my Spanish Teacher, Sally Wall, her husband Bill, their two kids, Brad and Melody took myself and two high school girls to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Last night it seemed like it was yesterday.

I saw Peggy, or Margarita as Senora Wall called her,(we all had Spanish names, I was Pablo)  for the first time in 38 years.

Paul and Peggy

Time had not passed.

Yes, she’s a mom and a grandma, she’s been married, I’ve been married, we’ve lived on opposite sides of the nation for the last years, but time stood still.

Peggy, her friend Sally, Sally’s husband, Rick, and Sally’s brother Jeff met me for dinner at the historic Florentine Hotel in Downtown Germantown, Ohio.

It was a walk down memory lane.

We caught UP, we talked, well, I talked, and we remembered things about Mexico that we both had forgotten.

When we went to Oaxaca, I was 14, I turned 15 that summer, Peggy fell in love with Gustavo, I fell in love with Mexico, and we came home different people.

It amazes me that Mrs. Wall was even allowed to take three teen-agers 3,000 miles from home, leave them unsupervised during the day, and give them the experience of a lifetime.

Three kids from Germantown were allowed to experience things no one else got to do. We saw it all, ate things we’d never heard of and became good friends.

But, time has separated Nola, Peggy, and I, and our lives diverged to different paths.

But, the bond made that summer is still there.  We have something in common other than the Germantown thing, we have the Mexico thing.

Our time together made Oxaca seem like yesterday…only with more wrinkles..

We had a great time then, a great time last night – Nola – we missed you, and I’m sure your ears were burning.

As to everyone else, because of that special bond, you should all be jealous!

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