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…Isn’t the Library supposed to be a happy place?

It was for me.  Germantown Public Library held wonderful treasures when I was a kid.  And I read as many of them as Mrs. Kindig would allow.

Germantown Public Library

But for one Colorado man, the local Library may just remain a nightmare.

Aaron Henson sat handcuffed in the back of a Littleton, Colorado police car desperatly trying to figure out what freakish thing could have gotten him arrested on a snowy Interstate 70.  He was speeding, but really, arrested?

Seems Mr. Henson had committed the crime of not returning a library DVD back in 2004.

Dang!  That is one serious librarian.

Off With His Head!

He spent eight hours in jail until his Dad came and bailed him out.

When he called his Mother, she didn’t believe him, since “there is no book police”.

Well Mom, you’re wrong…and I wouldn’t hold my breath on that Mother’s Day Card this year.

Littleton’s Library lost $7,800. in library materials in 2009, and apparently they’re pissed about it.

The outstanding warrant was technically for “failure to appear”.   For the non-misdemeanorous of you, that’s  not showing up for a court date.

Aaron wasn’t aware he was a wanted man, didn’t know about the court date, and therefore – didn’t appear.


While in police custody, the generally law-abiding gentleman was fingerprinted, photographed, and booked.  His car was towed, impounded, and marked with a driver arrested note.

The library doesn’t buy his story that he moved, never got the notices, and never got the court date information.

Henson claims he left the DVD with a friend and forgot about it.

Henson said, “I understand the city was following its procedure … but when somebody’s not informed of a court date and then they’re getting arrested on the side of the road, getting embarrassed, having fear (and I’m guessing craping himself the entire time.) and all that, it just doesn’t sit well with me.” 

I’m sure that’s an understatement.

The city has refunded the $460 the arrest cost Mr. Henson and promised to wipe the incident off his record.

“In the meantime the court and the police department have been directed not to issue any further summons for failure to return library materials,” stated city spokesperson Kelli Narde.

Probably a good idea.

But remember, keeping a library book is stealing a library book.  Don’t do it.

The local library had 81 instances last year that went as far as sending a summons to return the library book.

The local librarian said “80 of them were resolved without any problem.”

Well, that’s a pretty good percentage, unless you’re Mr. Henson.

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