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When I was a kid, I lived on Pollyanna Avenue.  My folks still do. 

It wasn’t named for the Beloved Children’s Character, but for the lady who owned the farm on which the sub-division was built.

There were 29 houses and about 115 kids when we were young.  There are still 29 houses…the kids, I don’t know about.

There were more than 29 stories, and maybe some day, I’ll get around to some more of them.

But after a weekend in the yard, one comes to mind.

There was one lady, Mary, who lived on the corner.

Her yard was beautiful, and she spent a lot of time in it.

One of her sons and I were in the same grade, were childhood friends, lost touch, and occasionally talk via Facebook.

But back to her yard.

It was really pretty, and weed free.

I’ve loved plants since I was a kid.  My Dad ordered a bunch for me from Parade Magazine, and I planted them everywhere…even some of the neighbors’ yards.  And I remember Mother, when referring to the neighbor on the corner,  saying, “I don’t know how Mary can sit on the ground and pull weeds for that much time.”

Well, Mom, I do.


It’s my Organic Backyard Voodoo.

Raking I hate, mowing sucks, and picking up the limbs is a total chore (we have 70 plus trees on a 1/2 acre lot.), but pulling weeds.  Now that I can do.

It seems the closer I get to the ground the better I feel. 


There’s something very theraputic in sprucing UP the yard. 


Now, I have a big yard with professionally designed gardens.


It was that way when I bought it…well, actually, it was nicer than it is now. 

Jimmy Hosta

Apparently the lady who lived here was a Master Gardener.

Day Lily Beginnings

It’s probably a good thing she moved away…she might be a tad perplexed.

But, really, it’s even pretty in Winter.

Everything's asleep under the Winter Blanket

I’m not all that good at it, but I try.  Time, cash, drought and flooding, and four heart-attachks have taken a small toll on the yard.  And it’s a yard, not a lawn.  There are far too many trees for real lasting grass.  There’s too much shade.  For grass.  The shade’s just right for me.

 Not the Chinese Gardner!

 I have thousands of plants.  Gardenias (3 different types!!) Ferns, Hostas, Azaleas, Rhododendron, Iris, Daffodils, Dogwoods, Lariope, Mondo Grass, Monkey Grass, and a little grass grass – no, not that kind, the kind you walk on, and it’s really pretty and peaceful…but it’s work.

The work pays off in beauty

Work that for the most part I enjoy.

Especailly the weed pulling.  Like I said, it’s theraputic.  You can always name them and pull them out by the roots and toss them aside.  It’s a good thing.

But mostly, the time outdoors, on the ground, sliding along on my little rubber mat, in my ugly hat, 20 year old dockers, pollen covered shoes, and garden gloves makes me feel great.  I may not look my best, but I feel my best.  And after three solid days in the yard, I’m tired.  But I’m happy knowing that even though this year may not be the best year, when things are in full bloom, there’s a peaceful pretty place I can play! 


It’s my organic backyard voodoo.

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