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One ringy dingy!

…no, this isn’t another phone company bash!

Prince William has the world a twitter (literally) with the fact that he’s not going to wear a wedding ring!!

Prince William and Camilla

Oh, for shame!

I really don’t see why it’s such a big deal.

One of the most photographed people in the world, anyone who meets him will know that he’s married to Kate, and that they should stay AWAY!

A wedding band isn’t all that necessary.

Many men don’t wear them, and some have good reasons.

Some women don’t as well…take Cafereria workers for example, can I get a witness from Momofali on that one…I realize she’s gone on to bigger and better things, but the girl knows.

Mechanics and the like rarely wear them, it’s a good way to lose a finger.

Some, just don’t fit any longer.

One Chicago blogger, who will get no press from me, says “any man who won’t wear a wedding ring is scum!”

Seriously?  Any man.

I don’t hear Kate complaining, so why should we care?

Poor William’s getting a bad rap!  No wedding ring, rowdy bachelor party, and four of his former girlfriends invited as wedding guests.

Next thing you know they’ll be ragging on him for losing his hair.

Hey, if my twin, Sean and I can pull that look off, why can’t Wills?My Twin! The Real UP

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