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…Oprah Winfrey said, not good bye, but “until we meet again” yesterday on the “last” episode of show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.

Till we meet again...as in very soon!

Everyone is grieving.

Yes, for millions, each afternoon will be less joyful, more trying, and maybe even more boring.

Millions will have to tune in to a new show, dial UP a new afternoon friend, or watch old movies.

But, grief?

It’s not like she died.

She just moved to her OWN network…literally, her OWN network.

In what’s an amazing American success story, the little girl born into poverty in Kosciuko, Mississippi literally took the world by storm, became an icon, had success greater than she or anyone else expected, and changed lives every where.

I have a great deal of respect for her.  I’ve watched her show, I love her interviews, and I’m impressed that she gives back as much as she does…because, she’s worth a butt-load of cash.

Unlike many stars, Oprah’s largesse and philanthropy aren’t just window dressing, they are real, and they are effective.

So, yeah, I’ll miss her once in a while when I’m home in the afternoon, but for the love of Liz, I know how to work the remote.

The show may be gone, but the ubiquitous Oprah will be just a click away.

So, wipe the tears, “man-UP’ and change the channel!

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