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Talk about your family feuds!

Rose Bakaysa and Theresa Sokaitis are sisters and were gambling buddies.   At one point they had agreed to share in all gambling winnings.

Sibling Rivalry

When Rose won 500 Grand in the Powerball, she decided not to share.

So Theresa was like all. “Give it UP bitch!”

and Rose was, “No way ho!”

And it got ugly!

Really ugly.

Lawyered UP ugly.

The 87 year old sister holding the winning ticket does not have to share her winning with her sister according to the judge.

The younger sister, aged 84 took her sibling to court in 2005.  Yes, it took 5 years for the thing to work its way through the courts and get a judge to make a decision.  Apparently justice isn’t only blind, but a little slow too.

Speed it UP baby!

But, at least a decision was made.

“There is something in this tragedy that touches most people,” New Britain Superior Court Judge Cynthia Swienton wrote in her decision. “While the court may be able to resolve the legal dispute, it is powerless to repair the discord and strife that now overshadows the once harmonious sisterly relationship.”

That’s a pretty way to say, this Ya Ya Sisterhood is ….. OVER!

Sokatis claims that back in 2004, the sisters signed a notarized contract splitting their gambling winnings. 

Ok, that should have been the first clue that things were not going to work out in the long run.

But, Big Sister Bakaysa says the deal ended in 2004 during a “family feud” which ended with the younger gal saying “I don’t wanna play this anymore.”

And the judge agreed.

That little tiff was over a few hundred bucks.

After the fight, the sisters never bought lottery tickets together, went to the casinos together, or shared scratch offs.

There are nine siblings in the family.  They all share a “common bond” of buying lottery tickets together and making trips to the Foxwoods in Connecticut.

I reckon they’re all greedy.

Bakaysa testified that the end of their partnership came in a fight over a few hundred dollars, shortly after Bakaysa stayed with Sokaitis for a few weeks while recovering from heart surgery.

Ok, I’ve had heart surgery.  I don’t remember lottery tickets coming to mind during that little episode.

Living, not having pain, not worrying about my chest cracking open, and hoping to walk UP stairs again, yes.

Lottery tickets.  NO!

One judge dismissed the case because it “violated a law which makes gambling contracts illegal.”

But the SUPREME COURT said it wasn’t a violation because the law only applies to illegal gambling.

Not to get the least bit political here, but doesn’t the SUPREME COURT have better things to worry about?

William Sweeney, Bakaysa’s attorney, said he “was grateful for the decision.”

I’m sure he was, it means more for him.

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