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Ok, my day started with an appointment at the doctor’s office.

That’s generally not a big deal since it was just a check UP.

Waiting over an hour past the “appointment” time was a tad UPsetting…but, I’m a patient man, I had plenty of time, and yes, I didn’t fill the paperwork out on line…so, maybe it was in some small way my fault.

Probably not, the paperwork took about 5 minutes.

About fifteen minutes into my wait, and well dressed youngish woman came in, signed in, and sat down.  She was talking on the cell phone when she came in, didn’t take a breath while signing in and continued to talk until the nurse called my name.

I was annoyed.

The check UP was quick.  I think, in some countries, the Dr. and I are now engaged, or at least an “item”.  It was quick, thorough, and a good report.

After paying the co-pay, picking UP the order for blood work, I meandered my way back to the waiting room.

She was still on the phone.

I said, “Hey, you rude, ignorant skank, hang UP the frickin’ phone.  People don’t give a rat’s ass what you did last night, how your friends are, or what you plan on wearing tonight!”

In my head.

In real life, I just smiled and walked out.

She was still talking.


Ass of the week?

Yeah, I think so, too.

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