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What the heck is wrong with Donald Trump?

Constipation or Constitution

The real estate tycoon is ‘considering’ a run for President in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, as much fun as it would be to hear him say, “You’re fired!” to the Senate, I’m just not getting it.

He’s a billionaire.

He’s powerful.

He’s got his own TV show.

Why would he want a lower paying job, in a smaller house, in a worse neighborhood?

And now, he’s bordering on “birther” status.

He’s trashing President Obama at all turns.  Wait a minute, isn’t the the Network News people’s job?

He said he hoped the President would show his birth certificate.  Trump says he didn’t introduce the citizenship issue, but he can’t seem to shut UP about it either. He was asked about it during an interview several weeks ago…you may have heard, Whoopi and Joy got all pissy and stomped off the set.  The realestate billionaire said, he’s looked into it and now believes “there is a big possibility” Obama may have violated the Constitution.

OK, Hawai’i has “validated” his birth certificate, unless someone comes UP with a birth video in Kenya, I’m not interested…there’s a whole lot of crap going on out there that is a notch or two UP on the priority list.  And by the way, when he accused the Governor of Hawai’i of a cover UP, the Governor shot back that “he’s a fool!”

Trump added, “I wish this (America) was the greatest place in the world.”   But he said the United States is losing respect in the world at a time when jobs at home are vanishing. 

That doesn’t sound like a very good campaign slogan!

He accused Obama of giving the country “a terrible presidency.”

Well, Ivana accused him of giving her a terrible marriage!  So there.

He also accused Obama of  “conducting a confusing policy on the civil war in Libya”, adding  “nobody knows what’s happening, and now it looks like  Gadhafi is going to beat the United States.”

Well now!

He did admit, and if most people were honest, they would too…”I’m only interested in Libya if we get the oil.”

You may have noticed, gas is UP a tad.

Ending on a high note, he said,  “I want him to do well. … I love this country, but this country is going to hell. … The world laughs at us.  They won’t be laughing if I’m elected president.”

Maybe not, but we’ll all be throwing UP!

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