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Sometime in the 1980s, it became “the law” that folks should have a million dollars for their retirement.

Frankly, I was on my way, but then Lucent stock took a dip tumble spill nose-dive fell into the crapper.  And, alas, I don’t even open that envelope any longer.

Too depressing.

Well, now “experts” are saying that a million dollars isn’t enough.

Over 200 investment advisors were polled and they all say one million won’t cut it for the next go round.

We Baby Boomers had it better than our Depression/WW II era folks, and learning from their hardship, we “stocked” money away.

Then the criminals on Wall Street stole it all.

And you know who you are.

Generation Xers, those born in the decade following the Viet Nam war, are probably going to need TWO million.  Generation X is also called the 13th generation by some, since these kids were born during a “spiritual awakening” that produced free love, recreational drug usage, and art and movies that featured protagonists that were evil or demonic in nature. ex. Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen, etc.  Sorry – I didn’t come UP with the name.

Generation Y (and when did generations go to just Letters to define them…are we that lazy?), will probably need THREE million!!

Generation Y is the group born from 1970 to the mid 1990s. they are also called the Generation Next which is not to be confused with the Net Generation.  I’m  so glad names are back!  Some super fussbudgets claim Generation Y ends with the 1980s, and some call them Echo Boomers, since birth rates went UP.  (See paragraph above mentioning ‘free love’ – supporting a child for 18 plus years flies in the face of FREE if you ask me!!)

All the kids being born now, and since 1995 are the Net Generation, not a terribly creative name, but fitting at best since every child out there is hooked UP to at least one internet connecting device. 

Well, these kids, they’re gonna’ need FIVE million.  Wonder how that’s gonna happen in a service economy gone bad?

Like I said, I’m a million short – and a little bitter!

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