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I think I’m Scrooged!

I'm so Scrooged!

11 days til Donovan’s birthday! – Not ready!

24 days til Christmas! –  Not ready.

30 days til New Years Eve! –  Not ready.

21 days til Jonah! – Gift not ready!

Seriously, it just snuck UP on me this year.

Yeah, I’ve bought a few things…but shopping?  NO!

Black Friday…don’t even think about it!

Cyber Monday…again…shopping on line hogs UP my internet time and gets in the way of blogville!

Tree UP?  Ah, no.

Lights out side?  Not in 10 years.

Cards…ok, so one thing is done!

But, I’m just not ready.

And sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be.

Why, oh why is Christmas so stressful?

There’s just too much going on.

Secret Santa at work.



Cleaning before you decorate…yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

Putting the 10,000 things on the mantle away so that we can put 10,000 Christmas things in their place.




And it all sounds like work to me!

Merry Beginning of the Christmas Season anyway.

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