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Ya just gotta’ love those people at TMZ…they won’t let the Schwarzeneggers alone now will they?  Only a month ago, they caught the Califonia First Lady in the act of DWT  (driving while talking on her cell phone), and this week, they calught The Governator parking his Porsche in a red zone.

One report says he was ticked, but he wasn’t. 
His spokesperson “declined comment”. 

The ticket would have been about 90 bucks.

I think he can afford it.

Earlier in the week the Gov was on Leno chatting it up about “green cars”, and his commitment ot promoting green vehicles.

Are Porches in that? 

I don’t think so Arnie!!

He also told Jay he’d not had a speeding ticket in six years…parking tickets were not mentioned.

Back to Maria for a second, it seems that after hanging up from her cell phone, the first lady parked her Escalade (again, not a green car) in a red zone as well.   Naughty, naughty, naughty!

Governor S. says the his red zone parking was a mistake, he didn’t see it.   What, California doesn’t have vision?

“No one’s perfect, not even me.”, he offered.

I guess since it’s Thanksgiving week, ‘His Austrian Oakness’ can be thankful that they both weren’t ticketed (if he really was) …that 90 bucks thing can add up.

I guess  you CAN  break the law if you have the money!

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