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…the most unusual thing happened this morning.

But first, as usual, I went to the mall, walked my three miles, headed to the gym, arms and abs, headed to the Waffle House, coffee, crossword, conversation.

Nothing unusual about all that.


…a couple came in and sat at the booth next to the end of the counter where I was sitting.

The waitress came over, took their order and walked a way.

Before and after that, they spoke not one word to one another.

It was odd.

I’d like to think that they are so close that verbal communication isn’t necessary.

But I’m not that naive.

They weren’t deaf, there was no sign language.

Unless you count body language.

It was awkward.

So much so, that I did something I rarely do.

I put a dollar in the juke box and played six songs:  3 Allman Brothers  and 3 Skynyrd.

The silence was deafening.

And saddening.

It made me think.

Was there nothing left to say, had it all been said?

Or, had too much been said.

I can’t imagine being quiet.

And I’m sure most who know me can’t imagine that either.

They were obviously married, it wasn’t like two strangers were sharing a booth, but in reality it was.

Or do they know each other too well?

It was unsettling.




And it made me want to make sure I’m never that way.

If I can sit through a meal with you and not say a word, we don’t need to eat together.

Food and conversation go together.

Even for strangers.

But they weren’t strangers.

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