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That’s what she said about going to Rehab in her song of the same name.

It’s Monday, and I hate to bring you down, but the death of Amy Winehouse Saturday should surprise no one.

As I write this, the cause of her death is undetermined.

We can only speculate.


I despise drugs.

I look around at friends and family who’s lives have been altered forever and wonder, “Why?”.

So many people, not famous people, people who get no press, little mourning, and many shakes of the head have lost their lives to drugs.   Some are living in a perpetual state of death, some are gone. 

I despise what drugs have done to my friends, my family, my nation.  I know people who’ve been nearly bankrupted by their children’s actions.  Rehab, after care, lawyers, court costs, cars, insurance, more rehab, more lawyers, doctors, more rehab.  It’s a merry-go-round with hideous music, one can not escape.

It’s destroying families and lives and depriving the world of music, art, joy, and life.

Joplin, Jim Morrison, Hendrix, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe; wasted lives, wasted talent, all lives ended before they gave all.

And, don’t get me started on “The War On Drugs”!  Nixon started this one in 1971.  We’ve spent more on the war on drugs than we did in Viet Nam. 

Instead of saying no, no, no to rehab, take a line from Nancy Reagan and say no to drugs!

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