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Well, The Unibomber’s place is on the market!

Throphy house?

I think not.

The ‘secluded’ hideaway is on the market for $69,500.

A steal I’m sure.

Unabomber Property

The price has been reduced too.  It was listed for $154, 000. 

You may have heard, there’s been a housing slump.

Touted as very secluded and a “one of a kind” property, the listing does not include the cabin.

It’s on display at the Newseum in DC.

It does come with plenty of chain link fences topped with barbed wire, tall trees, and one special tree with “FBI” carved into it.

Sounds yummy.

Kaczynski’s new place, a cell in a maximum security prison in Coldorado where he’s serving a life sentence after pleading guilty to murder, is much smaller:  an eight by ten foot cell.

There are some other drawbacks – you know, other than the fact that the man who was the subject of the longest and costliest manhunt in US history owned it – there’s no running water, no electricity, no phone, no cell service, and OH MY COW!  no internet!

Ted was anti- technology.  The Harvard trained MATHEMATICIAN ranted and raved about the negative effects of advanced technology.

See, I told you Math (and neck-ties) were of the Devil!

Have a happy Monday.

And if you’re looking for some land, well Montana’s got plenty.

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