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…”What?”, you ask.

Well, in 1876, on this date, Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for the “telephone”.  He beat the other guy, Antonio Meucci by a mere four hours.

Alexander Graham Bell with his first telephone


“Who cares?”  “Why is this important?”, again you query.

Well, UP spent nearly 30 years working for OhioBell, South Central Bell, Southern Bell, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and Avaya…or as I like to call it, “The Phone Company”.

Frankly, my life was on hold for 30 years.

I had a great career there, and I loved it.  But, UPon my retirement, I realized that I could try most any career I wanted to.  

So, I owe him a lot!

Alexander Graham Bell got the world talking, he was a brilliant man.

Some interesting things about him include the fact that he was working on a way for the woman who would become his wife to hear when he came UP with the telephone.  His wedding present to her was 1487 shares of his stock in the Bell Telephone Company.  He kept 10 for himself.

Ah…what we do for love.

He was the first person in history to use the term “greenhouse effect”.

He theorized that solar panels could be used to heat homes.

He theorized “voice over light” in the early 1900s, we didn’t have fiber optics until late in the 20th century, long after he was gone.

He was working on a flight machine when the Wright Brothers flew.

He was a Scotsman.

His first invention, a corn husker, came at the age of 12.

He was one of the original investors in “The National Geographic”.  He and his son-in-law, Gilbert Grosvenor, came UP with the idea of National Geographic Society membership and instituted the first major use of photographs to tell stories in magazines.

He was a genius.

And his little toy gave me a pension!

So, Thanks Al for all the hard work, and for keeping my life on hold all those years.

The Genius Late in Life.

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