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…can’t trust that day.

I never got that song, as Mondays usually aren’t that bad for me.  Back in the day at TPC, Tuesdays were the worst.  Businesses didn’t call us on Mondays because everyone else was calling them.  They all called on Tuesdays.  It was our Monday.

I don’t usually do this…talk about myself and all (pause for riotous laughter) but…

…what a week last week was!

Monday was good…walk, gym, breakfast, crosswords, work, yard work… the usual.

Then came Tuesday, ‘The boy’ finished school @ NADC in Nashville (more on that in a later but yet unfinished post) and since he has a motorcycle and not a car…guess who went and got all his crap things?

That’s right, dear old dad.

And after driving to Nash-vegas, watching him load UP the Jeep, and then driving back to ATL all in one day, old was the operative word.  I ached everywhere. 

The week continued to excel in pain as I developed an “illness” of sorts, diagnosed by my doctor as somewhere between a kidney stone and a bladder infection but we’re not sure…enter antibiotics. 

Which made me sick-er.

Wednesday was a ‘layinbedandsleepandwhinewhilenoonewasaround’ day.

Don’t say I’m a typical man, ’cause I’m not.  When I’m sick, I usually want to be left alone, and not babied.

Come Thursday, back to school where I felt like chautauqua as I “taught” Spanish all day; translation:  watch kids write paragraphs in Spanish about topics in English.  Hola, Paco, como estas?  Yeah right.  I did get a few crosswords done! 

Then came Thursday evening.  Went to work, good night, no issues.  Got home to a more than slightly upsetting phone call which shall we say, ruined my evening, kept me from sleeping, and brought on a cluster headache from across the Styx.

Oh, yes, one of my ailments in life, my thorn in the flesh is cluster headaches.  Google it, it’s just too much to tell.

The meds didn’t work.  So, not ever buying into the Less is More silliness, I may have “over done” it on the Tylenol – who needs a liver?

UP all night, “dancing with the devil” – that’s what clusterheads call the headache routine.  The dark room, cold rag, and quiet don’t work for clusterheadaches, you have to move and keep moving.

And spray pepper spray UP your nose to “kill the pain” and a few sinus cells as well.  Call me crazy, lots of people do, but it works!

I was supposed to work Friday, but that didn’t happen, as I’m sure I would have killed the first one who gave me crap not been able to deal with the youth of America properly.

Saturday – rain.  And an “old friend” referred to my blog as “neo-nazi, tea-party, right-wing, republican, Sarah Pailn garbage”.

Have I mentioned abstinance?  I don’t think so.

And I can’t see Russia from house either!

So, it was a week.

Not one of my favorites!

I think Mama Cass said it best when she said, “hack, hack…uggggh” while eating that ham on rye!

I’m just hopin’ this Monday, Monday brings a better week!

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