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I’m a creature of habit.

I awake about the same time every day, and have for years.  I guess when one has to get UP for work about the same time everyday for 30 years…well…it’s a hard habit to break.

So, I’m in a rut, a routine.

That routine, we’ll start with step two – there are some things I’ll leave to Jenny – …which would be the eye-brows, then the beard, the hair, yes, I cut it every day, and then I shave. 

On to the shower.

Jumping ahead, I head out the door about the same time every morning also.

Grab the paper and the lunch box, which I might add, contains the same lunch every day, well, not the “SAME” lunch, but one just like the day before.

A salad if you were interested.

Then it’s on to the Waffle House, where I have a large Redneck Latte, and a scrambled cheese egg sandwich, “un-built”.

I do the crossword.

UPon leaving the Waffle House, I call my mother – every day. 

By this time, it’s about 8:23 AM.

Seriously, it’s a routine.

And without a doubt, I get behind the very same midnight blue Honda Accord being driven by the same woman.

She can’t drive.

Seriously, people, it’s just awful, and it’s driving me crazy.  Cell phone, make UP brush, mascara, EYE LINER!  I’m afraid to get in front of her, and staying behind her…well…it’s just terrifying.

I sUPpose if I left a few minutes earlier or a few minutes later, the world wouldn’t come off its orbit…but I just don’t know, so I’m afraid to chance it.

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