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…Hollywood is dead.

On this, my 500th post, when I should be celebrating, I’m a little blue.  But, I think it’s only fitting that my 500th post should be dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday morning surrounded by her children.  She was 79, and it’s a miracle she lived that long.


Pixie Elizabeth












I won’t say too much today about her.  I’ve posted before, several times.  You may grow tired of it, but I’m sure you would have been let down if I hadn’t mentioned it.

UP or down, she was always beautiful. 

Bejewled Elizabeth

 UP or down, she brought a great deal of entertainment to our lives.  She brought joy, beauty, taste, style, and art as well.

Aside from great performances, and she entertained us for nearly 70 years, there were hystronics, marriages, loves, loses, and more lives than most get to live.

She was a business woman and a philanthropist.  Her lines of perfumes garnered millions for research.

Seemingly always in love with the wrong man, she spoke the word AIDS when no one else would because her friend, Rock Hudson had shocked the world by dying from it.

By 1999, she had raised an estimated $50 million for AIDS research.

To date, that number is estimated at $270 million.

We can remember her for her beauty, her 62 movies, seven husbands and eight marriages, her four children, her two Oscars, the fact that she was the first star to make a million dollars for a movie, her style – one dress alone, from  A Place In The Sun, was “knocked-off” and worn by over 32,000 teenage girls in the 1950s alone –  her jewels, her business accumen, and her very public life drama, but we should remember that she was a giver, and that she has four children, 10 grand-children, and 4 great-grandchildren who are grieving and who’s lives will never be the same.

Farewell, Dame Elizabeth – you played it well, and you took Hollywood with you.

Yes, Michael, Hollywood Is Dead.

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