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…This is Harriet Cummings, my great-great-grandmother…

Harriet Cummings

I know, cover your watch!

She married my great-great-grandfather, Campbell.  I’m thinkin’ he was blind.

I don’t mean to be unkind, but really, how did this woman snag a man.  And they had several children.  Really?  How?

Her daughter, whom I also never met was able to stag a man too, she was my Dad’s grandmother.

Her son, my grandfather was a good looking man.  At one time.  If you could get past the broken jaw and all.

Then came Daddy.  Daddy was pretty good looking in his day.  He attracted my mother when he was about 16 years old.  A year later, they were married.  Mama was pretty.

Glamourous Mother!

He said she was the prettiest girl in Goshen.  I’ve been to Goshen.  She probably was.

Thank goodness for an infusion of new genetic material.  It brought “the pretty” into the family.

Let’s face it, my daughter is a far cry from her great x 4 grandma.

Shelby flirty

So, I got to thinkin’.  All the girls of this generation are better lookin’ than the past.

I have four “lovely” nieces, and they are all my favorites.  Here they are in birth order.

Amy (and her sons, one a GI and one a Marine.)

Amy and her sons

Her sister, Rachael


their cousin Jenny, the famous blogger…

Jenny 2013

their cousin Mackenzie, The Doctor!  Not only pretty but brainy too.


How did we get from Harriet to these girls…we all married pretty women, or in my sister’s case, a nice looking guy.

So guys, the moral of the story is…marry UP in the looks department.  Your daughters will love you for it!

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