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The neat folks at Mangroomer.com read my blog.

And as Sally Field would say, “They like me, they really, really like me!”

My titanic ego and shameless self promotion aside, I’ll have to admit, I’m so excited.

Brett, CEO of said enterprise sent me some nifty gifts to try.


Mangroomer is a provider of high quality shaving gear aimed at men.

This stuff’s not for your whiskers boys…this is real Manscaping Material!  And this stuff is really good!

We have the essential ear and nose hair trimmer.


I literally have about six ear and nose hair trimmers, I’ve never really been happy with any of them until now.  I usually use two different ones each day.  No longer, this one does it all.


Then there is the essential Back Shaver.


I have never shaved my back before, and quite frankly, I was a tad apprehensive.  First of all, I couldn’t reach my back. Secondly, I just wasn’t sure I wanted to, and thirdly, I couldn’t reach my back.

But this puppy has and extension handle for easy access.  You can not only shave YOUR back, but the back of the guy in front of you at the football game!  Really, he won’t know what hit him!  Got hairy back, this is your new best friend.  Baby got  hairy back girls, this is YOUR new best friend!

And then, the essential private area shaver.


OK, apprehensive doesn’t begin to cover it, fellas.  I’ve been fond of my chest hair since it came on when I was about 12.  I’m not as metro as I thought I was.  And I remember the shaved patches on my chest from the last stress test, so I compromised.

I trimmed, mowed, “tweaked” if you will…but alas, I did not shave.  Thank goodness the essential private shaver is “adjustable”.  Very handy!  Just so you’ll know, not cuts, no nicks, no 911 calls, no EMTs, all went well!

I’d show ya’ but, well, that would be TMI, now wouldn’t it?

The only negative I can think of is that since I’m a pretty fuzzy guy, clean up was…well, I’m just glad I spent all that money on the Dyson!

Thanks to the folks at Mangroomer, this is good stuff!

I’m thinkin’ stocking stuffers ladies!!

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