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They met on a Polo Field in 1970, she was 23, he not quite 22.  A romance instantly blossomed.

Chuck and Camilla out on a date in the early 70s

He already had many girlfriends, after all, he was the Prince of Wales.  Even with ears the size of Dumbo’s, he was considered the most eligible batchelor in Europe.

Camilla Rosemary Shand was the daughter of World War II POW – British Army Officer, Major Bruce Shand and Rosalind Cubitt, the daughter of an Earl.  She wasn’t royalty, but she was a part of the British Aristocracy. 

She wasn’t all that pretty, but no one had to cover their watches.

Charles fell for her, and wanted to marry her then.  She was seen by royal courtiers as an “unsuitable match” for the future King, so Royal and Military duties forced Charles out of town, and he became unavailable.  Since the royal courtiers decided to screw UP Charles’ life as much as they did Princess Margaret’s, Camilla decided not to wait.  I mean, he was a Prince, and she was just another girl.  Seriously, one of many…which I do not get…I mean look at him!!

So, Camilla meets and falls in love with Andrew Paker Bowles.  They marry, have two kids, things are lookin’ ok.

Camilla and Andrew

Charles comes back.

About four years later, Charles met a giddy 15 year old girl named Lady Diana Spencer.  He didn’t take a second glance, but the royal courtiers did.

Meanwhile back the horse farm, Camilla was living the good life with Andy and the kids.  Chuck was still carrying a torch for her, and wasting his time with good looking euro-trash while Mummy and the RCs were looking for Ms. Right.

Ms. Right came back onto the scene in 1980 in the form of Lady Di. 

Lady Diana Spencer

That’s another “love” story for another day.

Chuck marries Diana, they have Wills and Harry, Chuck bumps into Camilla, they bump uglies, Diana meets James Hewitt, they have an affair…holy crap, it’s the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries all over again.

Then all helvetica breaks loose with “Camillagate”! 

The Camillagate tapes, terribly embarrassing intimate conversations between Chuck and Cam recorded between 1989 and 1990 made it into the hands of the British Tabloids…which by the way, make the American Tabloids look like a church missal.

The fan blades were a tad “messy”!

Diana has enough, tells Chuck to kiss her not so royal any more hiney and becomes the English Rose, everyone’s Princess, the queen of hearts, the be all and end all of fashion, morals, philanthrophy, and class.

Really?  We’ll talk about that at a later date.

Camilla, the “other woman” is scorned, the Queen won’t receive her, the press villifies her, she’s a social pariah.  But alas, Chuck still has that torch thing going on.

So, Andrew Parker Bowles, a.k.a the cuckhold, and Camilla get a divorce in 1995.

Diana, Princess of Wales dies in a car crash in Paris in 1996.

Tell me there’s not a plan!

Harry and Wills meet Camilla “formally” for the first time.  Daddy gives them a copy of “Who’s Your Mommy Now?”, and the couple appear together in public for the first time in 1999. 

29 years after they first meet, and some say fall in love at first sight, they get to go out in public.

For the love of Liz!

Sometime in 2000, HRM, The Queen comes out of her moral coma and acknowledges that Charles and Camilla are an an item.

Three years later, Charles and Camilla are shacking UP Camilla moves into Charles residence at Clarence House. 

Camilla wanted to make an honest man of the Prince of Wales, but as the future “Supreme Governor of the Church of England”, he can’t:  well, I nevah!  The very idea of Charles marrying a divorcée was seen as controversial.  

Never mind that he was already divorced.  Hypocrisy anyone?

Apparently somewhere in a bar in Liverpool, some bloke said, “Blimey, it’s the 21st Century, let the boy marry the girl, fer Gawd’s sake!”, and the opinion of both the public and the church shifted,  a tad.

They were allowed a “civil marriage”…you know, dashing off to the Justice of the Peace and all.

Charles and Camilla's Wedding Photo

The Queen being the UPtight stuck in the mud and head of the Anglican Church thought it best if she and the Duke of E stayed away from the Civil proceedings, but made it to the “blessing service” and threw a bash back at the Palace for the happy couple.

40 years of lust, intrigue, adultry, marriage, kids, divorce, death, tabloids and scandal, and they still ended UP together…tell me that’s not love!

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