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Iran is threatening to boycott the 2012 London Olympics.


So stay home, who cares?

What are they UPset about you ask?


 Ugly and controversial.


They say it looks like the word Zion, which of course is a Biblical term for the nation of Israel.

Ahem, it looks like 2012 to me, and I think that’s what it’s supposed to be.

I didn’t see the Zion thing at first.

But I sUPpose if one stands on ones left foot, squints, and looks to the left while holding a Bud Lite in ones hand, it does.

I mean, after-all, those IOC people are just sooooooooooo pro-Israel. 

Really, they tried to stop the murders in Munich.

The logo was un-veiled (deliberate pun) about four years ago, and no one said a word…about the Zion thing.   Everyone back then just thought it was bulky and ugly.

But now,  Bahram Afsharzadeh, the secretary-general of Iran’s National Olympic Committee, has sent a letter to IOC president Jacques Rogge condemning the logo as “racist” and rallying other Muslim countries to join in protest.

Again, BFD!

Stay home.  Their total Summer Olympic medal count is 48 compared to the US’s 2295, China’s 385, and The Former Soviet Union’s 1010, and they haven’t been to the Olympics as a country since 1988!  Heck, the British have 788, and we all know they can only ride horses and have affairs!

Of course the ISO told them to kiss off rejected the complaint.

Now, Iran, which is not Arab, but is Persian. is about as progressive as 15th Century Spain.  It’s a country where women’s noses are cut off for flirting, women are stoned for adultry, and homosexuals are buried UP to their necks in the sand and left to die.  Nice place.  Let’s not hold the Olympics there.

I guess they’re just still pissed off about Mary Renault’s The Persian Boy.

So, to Afsharzadeh, Ahmadinejad, and all the others who are UPset about the Zionist you know how sneaky those Jews can be bent of the Olympics, I’d like to paraphrase a line from Ce-Lo Green and say “faughet you!”

Like I said, stay home, who cares?

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