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…will not do!

Recently I posted on boys’ names for the impending spawn rug-rat bundle of joy my Lovely Neice Jenny is having.

I decided on Johann Lefonius.

The choice was not well received.

I’ve been asked admonished exhorted told by her  mother to help further in the process with the girls’ name.

I guess Euphrosina wasn’t all that catchy either!

So, here goes.

Jenny mentioned body parts.  We do have a couisn Una, which sounds much like one to me. So there’s a choice there.  I’m sure it’s not a body part, but I’ll have to check with another Lovely Neice, Mackenzie, who’s a Doctor, to make sure.

In the close by range, we have Zola, Judy, and Diane, but the last one’s been used.  And Z’s are so hard to find on clothes, purses, and charms.  It’s just too much to special order.

Going back a few years, there are plenty of Anns, Elizabeths and Margarets, all pretty, but done to death.

There are Roses, Stellas, Ediths, and Veras going back ages.  And that’s just on our side. 

Her mother’s side is even more colorful.  America, Florida, Alabama.  What?  No Mississippi?

We had an Aunt Viola, but she was married about five times and that’s a fate we don’t want to wish on any child.  She did marry UP  each time however…so there may be something there.

There was a Cora as well, but she married her brother’s father-in-law, and well…we’re inbred enough and all.  So skip that one.

There were Esthers, Opals, and Fannies, but really – back to that body part thing again…not such a good idea.

We have an Aunt Willie, who’s the sweetest thing ever, but the name, not so much. 

There are Roxies and Berties and Noras galore, but they were all big.  So again, a risk.

And then there’s grandma, Cenie Pheletter.

Euphrosina is sounding better all the time!

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