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…ok, so I went to the movies this weekend.

I’ve been waiting for months for “Burlesque” to come out.


Seriously, I’ve been really excited about it.

And I wasn’t let down.

I’ll have to say, I think I might be the only one.  Most of the reviews have been less than luke warm.

My friend, Mike, who hasn’t seen it, said when I told him it was coming out, that it “may well be the worst movie ever made.”

Well, his pre-judging is wrong!

The ads on TV say, “The musical is back!”

And it is.

It’s a double Diva Dynamo!

The music, show numbers, dancing, and costumes are the second best thing in the movie.


The first, Stanley Tucci.  But more on him later.

Christina has come very far from her Disney days.  She left the Genie in the Bottle behind too.

Her voice has matured, colored, and vastly improved.

She can sing.

She can dance.

And she does a good job at acting.

Ok, so the plots a little weak.

Sorta Andy Hardy meets the Sunset Strip.

A hard scrabble trailer park girl who’s been stiffed one time to many by her dead beat boss, cleans out the till and heads to LA.

One way ticket on the 32 window coupe.

She arrives, and after finding a flea bag residence hotel in which to live, she “hires” herself as a waitress at a club, called “Burlesque”.  It bills itself as the Best View in LA.

There are no windows.

The scenery inside is great,

Cher, looking amazingly re-designed at 64, Kristin Bell, Julianne Hough, Christina Aguilera, and more make UP the chorus line at the club.

Cher sings twice, both classic Cher, both great…ok, the second one makes no sense, but when did bursting into song make sense?

That’s what musicals are all about.

There’s eye candy for the ladies too.

Christina’s love interests consist of McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy and Cam Gigandet who played James in “Twilight”.


McSteamy plays McMeanie in this one.   Every musical has to have a villian.

Love Interest

Cam is the Knight on the white horse black motorcycle. It’s the 21st Century after all.  Cam received a “One To Watch” award in 2008.

Stanley Tucci saves the film as Cher’s sonically subtle seamstress and set decorator.  He must have a better agent, because he has the best lines.

Tucci and Cher

As movies go, I’ll give it a B.  As music and dance numbers go, an A.  And as costumes go, and A++.

It’s rated PG-13, for innuendo, and a few words, Cher drops the F bomb once.

There’s no sex, no drugs, but plenty of booze…it’s set in a bar afterall!

It’s a feel good movie.  A tad predictable, but fun.

And at least worth the matinee price!

Oh, BTW, I think Cher may have had “some work” done!

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