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…for a small town, there’s lots to do.

Virginia Military Institute


Washington and Lee University where the Lee Chapel and Museum contain all of Martha Washington’s family paintings.

Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University

Robert E Lee and his family are buried there.

Lee in Repose by Valentine

Stonewall Jackon’s grave.

Jackson's Grave

The George C. Marshall Museum

George C Marshall Museum

and my birthplace.  The only home Stonewall Jackson ever owned.

My Birthplace

Even Hollywood likes it.  They filmed Sommersby with Jodi Foster and Richard Gere here.  I know the love scenes are hardly believable, but the movie’s great.  Rent it!


I’ll be on the road today going UP to Ohio…if you don’t see your comments, it’s because I have no wireless in the mountains of West Virginia.

Right now, there’s a cell tower right UP above me!  So, it’s working!

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