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I’m sure they won’t publish it, and I know it means little to anyone outside my Bronco Arena of friends, but since I have this platform, here goes.

Editor, The Gwinnett Daily Post

Lawrenceville, GA

Dear Douchebag Editor:

The headline “Family Arrested On Drug Charges” really caught my eye.   I am sure it was a realtively accurate story, of course showing the mugshots of the 17 and 19 old off-spring was a little tacky, but hey, as reported in your paper, they’ve been arrested, so who cares?  They’re probably guilty anyway. 

Yes, allegedly they had pot, yes they’ve allegedly been selling drugs for years, and yes, allegedly an anonymous tip got the Police to raid the home, and yes they allegedly found evidence of drug sales and drug paraphernalia.  But is the name of their high school all that important?

You mentioned that the young woman and the young man were students at Brookwood High School.  What is it with you and Brookwood?  No matter what happens, if it’s a Brookwood student, you mention it.  There are 20 other High Schools in Gwinnett County, and in 12 years, I’ve seen one other school, one other time mentioned in a negative news story.  That was Collins Hill, and we all know why you did that!

Let a BHS kid get locked UP, and bammo!  He’s a Brookwood Bronco – you must mention it.

And Oh My Cow – if he’s a Brookwood Bronco Football player, holy chautauqua, there’s at least another paragraph maligning the entire team all the coaches and the water-boy who are all surely guilty by association.  And if it’s a Cheerleader – holy cow!

What’s UP with that?

Your kids go to Parkview?

Seriously, it seems that the School must be responsible for the actions of the kid.  Not so.  There are over 20,000 graduates of BHS, and most of them are doing just fine, staying out of jail, working, raising families, paying taxes and buying your shoddy, pathetic, ink-bleeding rag.   

Some of them are stars; Jason Elam (who holds the record for the longest field goal in NFL history), Amy Robach of Televeison News , Jason Bulger, Jennifer Ferrin (soap opera star), Stephon Heyer, Michael Kelly,  Jackson (Amy) Pearce, Amanda Weir, Rennie Curran (UGA and Tennessee Titans), and Mansfield Wrotto to name a few!

Did I mention my kids went there, and I worked there?  Well, they did and I did, and we’re pretty proud of it!

So, the next time someone from BHS is cuffed, leave that part alone.  It’s hardly fair to paint the entire student body, staff, and faculty with the same brush!

Oh, BTW, do something about that ink problem – geez!

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