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Legendary Legos

This comes from the “don’t tell me a story if you don’t want me to blog about it” category.

I have a lot of good friends at work, and I’m really hoping to keep them, but with this new addiction…who knows?

I do have permission to blog about this one though.

My good friend Jessica at work, has two little boys. 

They are average, active, inquisitive, seeking children who really keep thier mom on her toes.

They love Legos.  Just like my great-nephews, and just like almost every child who’s ever seen one. 

They also have great imaginations and a great deal of creativity.

One of them likes to test things, try them out, see how they work.  Drive his mom crazy.

He’s doing a pretty good job of it!

On his way out the door on the way to the bus, he saw the super glue.

First thought…”I wonder if this stuff really works?”

Second thought…”I have a Lego in my pocket!”

Third thought…”Sweet!”

Fourth thought…”Here comes the bus…awesome!!”

So, the little darlin’ dashed up the two steps, found his seat in the back, and promptly super glued the Lego to the floor of the bus.

Fifth thought…”This stuff is great!”

…Later that evening, after preparing a gourmet diner, cleaning up the kitchen, enjoying her family, caring for her loving husband, tidying up her spotless abode, and preparing her self for a wonder filled night with her family…the phone rang.

Jessica:  “Hello”

Bus Driver: “I’m your son’s bus driver, do you know what he did today?”

Jessica: “Can’t imagine, surprise me!”

BD: “Well, he super glued a Lego to the floor of the bus, and I can’t get it off!”

Jessica: (in her head…”Crap, that stuff does work good!”)…aloud…”Really?, You can’t get it off?”

BD: “Right, it’s not movin’, and I”m afraid if I knock it off, it will damage the bus floor.”

Jessica: (in her head…”I’ve seen a bus floor lady, I’m sure no one will notice a lego sized tear in the 10 year old, tromped upon rubber floor of a school bus, knock it off!”)…aloud…”Well, do what you have to do and send me a bill!.  Bye!”

The rest of the evening wasn’t reported to me, but I’m sure super glue is “off limits” from here on!

Doesn’t that make you smile?

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