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…As far as I’m concerned, Late Night TV died 17 years ago when Bette Midler sang “One For My Baby” on Johnny’s last show.


So we’re back to Jay and Dave.

Conan has left the building.

With $45 million dollars.

I’ll quit my job for $45 million.

But, alas, we have Jay and Dave to contend with.

They seem to have lost even the icy pretend fondness they once had.

Dave was alreay dpissed because Jay got Johnny’s spot and network.

He hid it well, professionally, for years.

But now,  not so much.

Dave recently said, “I’m telling jokes and making fun of Jay Leno ove and over and over and over, relentlessly, mercilessly simpply forone reason, I’m really enjoying.”

No love lost there.

And Jay said this, “Letterman has been hammering me every night  You know the best way to get Letterman to ignore you? Marry him. He will not bother you. He won’t look you in the eye.”  Low blow, since Dave admitted on TV to the extra marital affairs.

Jay’s prime time format failed, and NBC knowing that Jay has huge appeal is putting him back.

Another mistake in my book.  Jay really showed what he is made of.  He ain’t all that nice.  Rolling Stone Magazine says that Jay spent all those years making drunk people laugh in tough bars and clubs and became tough himself.  He’s a fighter, and he’s fighting for survival.  By retaking the Tonight Show, pushing a much loved Conan O’Brien out of the way, $45 million or not, he’s lost his nice guy image.

And that image is what has kept him popular.

So, what’s it all boil down to?

It ain’t about the money.  He’s got plenty.

Supposedly he banked the Tonight Show money for 16 years and lived on his stand up money.

It’s about the EGO!

He’s got one bigger than his chin!

So, we’ll see. 

Well some people will.  I quit watching late night when Johnny left!

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