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I’ve always enjoyed Greek Mythology.  I don’t know why, it’s a bunch of hooey, totally un-true, and patently Pagan…but I find it interesting.

For some reason, again, I don’t know why, Kronos – one of the Titans – has been on my mind.

Kronos was the son of Uranus and Gaia…ok, that just makes me laugh!

He overthrew his father and ruled the Greek Pantheon with and iron fist until he, himself was overthrown by his children.

He is often shown with horns, and the Rev. Alexander Hislop has asserted in his book, The Two Babylons that he is “the horned one”, i.e The Devil. But, Kronos  is usually shown, much like Father Time,  holding a sickle, the very weapon he used to castrate and dispatch his father Uranus, all at the behest of Gaia, his mother.

And you think your family is dysfunctional!

You may be more familiar with his children:  Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter, and Chiron.  Then again, maybe you’re not. 

But, Kronos, or Cronos as some spell it was a Titan, actually he was the ruler of the Titans.  The Titans were known as the Elder Gods and ruled the earth before the Olympians overthrew them. 

This little revolution came about when Zeus, Kronos’ son deposed his father, just as Kronos had done.

Now, all this was prophesied to Kronos, and to avoid the unpleasant fate he inflicted UPon his father, he devoured his children when they were born.

Kronos devouring his son, Poseidon by Rubens.

Except for Zeus.  Apparently, Rhea a.ka. Mrs. Kronos, had quite enough of his “post-partum ingestion”, and replaced Zeus with a rock wrapped in a blanket, which Kronos promptly scarffed down. 

Zeus was sent to an all boys school in Greece, Zeus being the only student, and was raised by a goat…and yes, I know it should be reared by a goat, but that just sounds too nasty! 

The goat, Amalthea, taught Zeus the ways of the worlds along with his Alphas, Betas and Gammas.  To keep Big Papa K from hearing the cries of the baby Zeus, a  company of Kouretes, or armored male dancers, (you’re killin’ me here) shouted and clapped their hands to make noise.

Broadway Bound

This just gets better and better!

Once Zeus grew UP, he was given a poison potion by his Grandma Gaia, who was apparently a Whiz in the Kitchen.  The Potion would “engorge” the contents of his father’s stomach in reverse order…and viola!  Zeus had brothers and sisters again.  And they along with many of the other Titans fought to rid the universe of Kronos. 

This sounds like a good thing.

Sadly, not all the Titans were on the winning side, and they were banished to Tartarus, the Greek version of the underworld, which they obviously deserved.

This story just screams “Lifetime Movie”, doesn’t it?

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