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…Really, why is anyone wasting time on this baseball steroid thing?

Barry Bonds was convicted  of obstruction of justice yesterday. 

Bonds, Barry Bonds

Yes, a federal jury convicted Barry Bonds of a single charge of obstruction of justice Wednesday but failed to reach a verdict on the three counts at the heart of allegations that he knowingly used steroids and human growth hormone and lied to a grand jury about it.

Why was he in front of a grand jury anyway?

It’s baseball.


You may have heard, baseball and I are not close.

The jury was hung on the other charges.  Please don’t waste anymore money and time trying him!

Hearings before Congress?  Why?  Someone “may have lied”…er, excuse me, it’s Congress!!!!  Someone in the room was probably lying, and I doubt that the witnesses were the only ones.

And another thing, at $100 + a ticket, Juice UP…I wanna’ see some hits!

Anything to speed UP that sport is fine with me.

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